New 18

The double circle blades cnc contour foam cutting machine shipped to Serbia has been installed and debuged. The customer is mainly used to process rebonded foam, with a density of 80-100kg/m³. First use the horizontal blade to cut the piece, and then use the vertical blade to cut the shape, the accuracy is ±1mm.

New 17

In September, two recycling rebonding sponge machines were shipped to local customer factories in China. Customer 1: Customer 2:

New 16

Sponge Cutting Machine: Improve Production Efficiency In modern industrial production, sponge materials are widely used in furniture, mattresses, automotive seats, and other industries. To meet diverse requirements, there is a growing demand for sponge materials of different shapes, sizes, and densities. The sponge cutting machine, as a crucial equipment, plays a vital role in efficiently cutting and processing sponge materials, thus enhancing production efficiency. The sponge cutting machine is designed to offer exceptional efficiency and precision. With...

New 15

Carrousel foam cutting machine (with vacuum), angle foam cutting machine, foam peeling machine, manual contour foam cutting machine and PP cotton shipped to South Africa.

New 14

Carrousel foam cutting machine (with vacuum), vertical foam cutting machine, quadrate foaming mould, manual foaming machine, mattress tape edge machine and small foam crushing machine shipped to Nigeria.

New 12

Carrousel foam cutting machine (with vacuum) and vertical foam cutting machine shipped to Saudi Arabia.

New 11

The production process of horizontal foam cutting machine. The machine is divided into 5 parts, namely the base and column, the knife frame, the track and support legs, the platform, and the electrical control box. The installation time is one week.